Custom Varsity Letters

Tradition. Honor. Excellence. As the classic award to recognize excellence, the varsity letter is cornerstone in any school awards system. The presentation of letters originated in the mid 1880s?eventually becoming the most prestigious prize that any student could win.

A varsity letter represents long, hard days of practice and study, and grueling contests and exams. It represents the loyalty and unselfish faithfulness of each student while in pursuit of a definite goal. It recalls cherished memories of experiences with coaches and teachers who worked, drilled and planned to help develop student ability and skill. It represents each individual event, every specific opponent and the strategic moments of glory in every contest in which they took part.

The young students who bear a varsity letter, a stamp of achievement on their chests, have earned the respect and praise of their peers and community. At Neff, we've embraced this time honored tradition for more than 65 years, and we too pride ourselves on this prestigious accolade.

We believe in the value of celebrating these athletic, academic and artistic achievements. So with our varsity letters you will receive unsurpassed quality, outstanding on-time delivery, a variety of customizable solutions, and letters with best stitch count in the industry. Furthermore, we offer the largest selection of chenille colors in the business, and guarantee color matching year after year. From varsity letters, to school patches, to chenille script names and words, chenille is our business. Let us help you continue to carry on the rich, important tradition varsity letters represent.

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    Varsity Letters Feature:

  • Best Stitch Count in the Industry
  • On-time Delivery
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Guaranteed Color Matching
  • Custom Design Online
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