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Classic Chenille Varsity Letters

Our classic chenille varsity letters are one of our most popular varsity letter styles. They include your choice of top felt with a matching mount stitch, and a second color for the back felt.

As the classic award to recognize excellence, the?varsity letter?is cornerstone in any?school awards?system. The presentation of letters originated in the mid 1880s?eventually becoming the most prestigious prize that any student could win.

The young students who bear a?varsity letter, a stamp of achievement on their chests, have earned the respect and praise of their peers and community. At Neff, we've embraced this time honored tradition for more than 65 years, and we pride ourselves on this prestigious accolade.

Take a look at our full collection of chenille varsity letters.

    Classic Letters Feature:

  • Best Stitch Count in the Industry
  • On-time Delivery
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Guaranteed Color Matching
  • Custom Design Online
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