Spirit Products

Brand your school with our collection of custom spirit products! Build school spirit and enthusiasm by proudly displaying your school name, colors, mascots and logos throughout your hallways, gymnasium and field house.

School Banners

At Neff, we are proud to be America's #1 choice for school banners and take as much pride in making school banners as you will in hanging them. Use our custom school banners to display athletic, academic and musical school achievements, school athletic conference memberships, championships or displays of sportsmanship and encouragement. Choose from Traditional School Banners, Championship Banners, Add a Year School Banners, School Conference Banners, or School Sportsmanship Banners.

School Mats

There's no easier or more practical way to add spirit to you school than with Neff's custom school mats. Attractive, industrial strength custom school mats are durable and constructed with heavy traffic in mind. Choose from Check-In School Mats, Coaches Box School Mats or Gymnasium Runners to direct traffic and prevent damage to school flooors. Look at more cutting-edge and purposeful styles, like the Waterhog School Mat, which can hold over 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, or the Floor Impression School Mat which features photorealistic images on a non-slip surface. Our selection of school mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your school entryways, gyms, libraries, auditoriums, locker rooms, faculty offices or coaches boxes.

Logo Seating

Custom logo seating is the perfect way to make your sidelines, fields and auditoriums look unified and spirited. Our logo seating designs are finished with a powder coating to resist wear, scratching, fading and chipping. Vinyl seat backs and cushions can be made with contrasting colors, and customized with your school name, colors and logos. Choose from logo seating chairs with 1" cushions or 3" cushions. Built to last, these fold-up chairs are made with a channel 'X' frame and double tube steel for durability.

School Backdrops and Table Covers

Designed to provide the polished, professional look you want for school events, award presentations, commitment signings, meetings or conferences, these custom school backdrops and school table covers come in your school colors and proudly display your school name, logos and designs.

School backdrops and school table covers come in three different matching layouts and designs, and are made of wrinkle resistant, flame retardant "prima" polyester. The school backdrop frame, and a complimentary storage bag are included. Full backdrop size is 8' x 10'. Maximum imprinting size for all designs is 28" x 55." School table covers come with a complimentary storage bag for convenience and are available in 6' and 8' table sizes. Maximum imprinting size for all designs is 28" x 60."

School Bags

Give your athletic teams a uniform, spirited and competitive appearance as they travel to and from games and practices with custom school bags in your school colors and decorated with custom embroidery. Choose from large and small sport duffel bags, or the Equipment Backpack as an efficient storage solution for an athlete's equipment, apparel and necessities. Try the popular custom School Drawstring Backpacks for younger students, fundraisers or camp favors. Or, offer teachers and parents a School Messenger Briefcase that carries office essentials such as papers, laptops and phones while proudly displaying your school's colors or logos.

Helmet Decals

Help your football and lacrosse teams stand out from the crowd with our premium Helmet Decals, stripes, award markers or numbers. Helmet decorations come in a variety of finishes and designs. Choose from design kits featuring both deluxe and premium quality football helmet decals, and one-color or multi-color designs. We also offer multiple finishes. From metallic flake, to matte, to chrome to trans-chrome, you can create a custom look that's 100% unique. We're also happy to create a new design for you or update tried and true graphics to add some modern flair to old helmets.

School Apparel

Make sure your fans, staff, students, staff and athletic teams display school spirit in custom school apparel. Custom design your own performance fleece, our modern versions of everyone's favorite wardrobe staples. Create vintage custom school sweaters; the perfect piece for students and a stylish alternative to varsity jackets. Outfit your school students, staff, coaches and boosters in one of our many sport shirts. Stick to the basics with our t-shirt and short collections. Choose from a variety of polos, outerwear, sweatershirts, caps and more, and create your own look using our online, custom designer software!

No matter what you’re looking for, at Neff, we’re happy to help and pride ourselves in offering our customers authentic, customized varsity jackets, varsity letters, school patches and school awards. Contact us if you don't see what you're looking for and we'll be happy to work with you to create something that meets your needs. It's what we've been doing for more than 65 years.

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