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Check-In School Mats

Our check-in school mats meet the guidelines of the National Federation of High Schools, and provide a portable, long-lasting solution to defining the check-in area. Durable and easy to clean, check-in school mats are made to last and available in a wide range of colors to meet your needs.

Not what you're looking for? We offer a full variety of school mats. Choose from custom high-definition school mats which feature photo-realistic designs and digital prints that are more vivid, and nearly 10 times the resolution of previously available mats. High-definition mats also feature StainStopperTM to protect these colors, and can be customized and cut out for any shape or logo you'd like to feature.

Our custom floor impression school mats offer no limit on creativity. They are ideal for designs with very small text or fine details and guaranteed to perform well in high-traffic areas. Floor impression school mats feature a diamond pattern surface which is slip-resistant and UV, chemical and oil resistant, making them easy to maintain and clean.

Make a big impression in your gymnasium with our custom school mat gym runners, which boldly come in 4'x25' sizes. They fit perfectly in front of player benches at gym entrances. Or, choose from school mat coaches box mats designed to define the coaches box area.

Our waterhog school mats are the perfect solution for moisture management and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The waterhog school mat is made with polypropylene fabric which holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, so it is designed specifically for trapping water and keeping moisture off of floors.

Ideally suited for all weather conditions, super scraper school mats help to trap water, snow, dirt or grime and keep it off of your floors. Super scraper school mats are made with durable Nitrile rubber, which features textured surface cleats which offer superior slip resistance and effectively scrape tough dirt and grime from shoes.

Take a look at our full selection of school mats, or browse through our school mat catalog. What are you waiting for? Custom design your custom school mat today!

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