Memory Products

As the classic award to recognize excellence, the varsity letter is cornerstone in any school awards system. We believe in the value of celebrating and displaying such prestigious athletic, academic and scholastic achievements?no matter when they were received.

Our collection of custom-made memory products are the perfect way to remember and display past achievements. They make a wonderful gifts?whether they be for a graduating senior or an alumni proudly remembering past accomplishments.

Every student has memories to cherish from their freshman to their senior year. Neff's memory banners provide an alternate way to showcase achievements for a lasting, meaningful?school award. They make excellent school awards for students, teachers or even alumni looking to display old memories.

Preserve and showcase them with pride in our achievement display frames! Our frames come with custom engraved plates and are available in cherry and black wood finishes.

Our premium wool blankets are cherished?school awards?or senior gifts. Made of solid melton wool, finished with felt trim and customized with embroidered monograms and varsity letters, these blankets are a warm reminder of past achievements.

Our memory frames are made of solid, rich rosewood with glass, and feature a wool mat with embroidered text. They are made in two different sizes ? one with your choice of a varsity letter and the other with your choice of both a varsity letter and a mascot patch.

View our full selection of school awards and spirit products!

    Memory Products

  • Showcase Student Awards
  • Commemorate Achievements
  • High-Quality Melton Wool
  • Custom Made for Each Student
  • Unsurpassed Quality
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